Talkin' Families Ontario

Offering individual, couple and family therapy as well as baby, toddler and child sleep consultations virtually to the families of Ontario, Canada.

Imagine letting out a sigh of relief as you finally get the help you need from moms who have been there and are professionals!

Talkin' Families Ontario is here to take the overwhelm out of parenting and provide reliable, high quality support that is designed around the unique struggles of the early parenting stage of life so that you can stress-less and feel more joy. 

We are a multi-disciplinary group of therapists and coaches specialized in holistic mental health, sleep support and child development focused on helping you feel well, connected and happy in your relationships with yourself, your baby or toddler and your partner. 

Founders of Talkin' Families Ontario, Fahreen Jeshani MSW, RSW and Valerie Groysman MSW, RSW

Hi there, we're Valerie & Fahreen

We are moms who created Talkin' Families Ontario after our own experiences of struggling through the transition to motherhood and navigating the conflicting parenting and sleep information on the internet. Everything we read did not align with our training as social workers, yet finding high quality, specialized support was nearly impossible. 

That's why we created Talkin' Families to provide Ontario families with high quality, up to date, reliable, effective and professional support in the specialized areas of baby and toddler sleep, postpartum mental health, transition to parenthood and dealing with those things your parents did that you don't want to repeat with your own children, but don't know how. 

Imagine being more present and dare we say, able to actually enjoy, those precious moments in your child's life as they grow and develop. 

In working with one of our team, you will receive personalized support based in:

Becoming parents and growing little humans is not easy - from the sleep deprivation, to a messy home, to feeling disconnected with your partner, you go through changes and transitions you never expected. Pain from the past comes up or maybe new conflict arises.

A mom holds her infant child, after working with the Talkin' Families Ontario team to work through some baby sleep issues
A confident mom helps their toddler work through big emotions after learning new solutins, and strategies from the Talkin' Families Ontario team

After becoming a parent, you might have feelings or thoughts you never imagined you would experience. 

You love your child and yet you find yourself triggered by them. The strategies and tools you used to cope with life before, just don't work anymore. Maybe you are doing things you swore you would never do with your child. Maybe your experience of your baby or postpartum is completely different than what you expected. This may be resulting in you feeling constant stress and anxiety. More and more research is showing how much a child's resilience and mental health in adulthood is connected to their relationship with their parent(s). When a parent's mental health is supported they can meet their child's needs more effectively. This is a win win for the entire family.  But make no mistake, we will never tell you to leave your baby to cry for the sake of your mental health. 

We know that relationships with our partners change significantly in those early years of parenting and it can feel so lonely. 

You never imagined it would be this way and yet here you are. You desperately want to maintain intimacy and connection with your partner and yet react to them in ways that deepen your conflict. Both of you struggle to have time for yourselves let alone for your relationship. Often this leads to couples arguing more, yelling at each other in front of the children and feeling disconnected from each other. Our therapists can help you find your emotional balance in this new normal. But make no mistake, we will never ask you to stop co-sleeping (if you don't want to!) to save your relationship.

New parents who are seen by the clinicians at Talkin' Sleep Ontario for family counseling and support as they adjust to new life after baby look at their little one.

No two families are alike

...and yet we find ourselves trying to do what works for other parents and their children. The reality is you don't need cookie-cutter, one size-fits-all approaches because we all know, it actually doesn't exist. Instead, our therapists personalize our recommendations to your individual and family's needs and values.

We haven't even  gotten to the best part yet!!!  Wait for it....ready....okay here goes registered professionals our services are often covered by extended health benefits through employers!!!  Our services can also be claimed as a medical expense on your personal taxes!!!  

What are you still doing reading this page - click the button below and get connected to one of our team ASAP! It's a no brainer!  

Healthy Parents. Healthy Children. Healthy Future.

A mom dealing with postpartum anxiety and depression holds baby during a virtual therapy session with Talkin' Families Ontario

Postpartum Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Father lets infant child lay skin to skin as suggested by sleep consultants at Talkin' Families Ontario

Baby & Child (0-6 years) 

Holistic Sleep Consultation

Mom who is being seen for trauma by the clinicians at Talkin' Families Ontario, holds their toddler

Trauma Therapy

Couple who are being seen by clinicians at Talkin' Families Ontario for couples counceling hold hands as they work together to find solutions for their family

Couples Therapy